Creative soap ideas!

Coming up with new and creative soap scents and blends can be difficult. I have come across a few simply by accident. Firstly, don't let the name of the scent prevent you from thinking that it will not go with a completely different scent. Open two bottles of scents, put the openings together, and sniff. My latest big selling scent is Lemonberry, it is blackberry and lemongrass. The ratio being approximately 5 blackberry to 1 lemongrass. It is a nice fresh and summery smell. And I color it a nice buttery yellow color.

Another soap I have started making is Rosemary. Just the Rosemary essential oil, with no color, but after I pour it into the mold, I add Rosemary sprigs to the top. It looks so pretty and natural.

Be creative, come up with a signature scent, then don't tell anyone the recipe. I've had other soap makers casually ask what might be in a particular soap. I tell them that I have been sworn to secrecy.

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  1. I like that. I'm in the process of trying to find my line of special scents. You can see a few of mine at I have several I haven't had the time to load the pictures yet. But it's ohh so fun.