Essential Oils.

Essential Oils are derived from plants or other organic material. Those being flowers, leaves, peels, rinds, seeds, roots, or bark. Fragrance oils are chemicals, synthetics, artificial scents created in laboratories. People and corporations that make bath products often use variations of words to allow you to think that you are getting a truly natural product. OR they will focus, or divert, your attention to something natural about it, while ignoring that the rest is toxic. I see this alot when the word 'essence' is used, playing on the word 'essential' in essential oils. I will also see the term "fresh scent of" something, say oranges. Which only means that the chemical scent used has the uncanny ability of smelling like a freshly cut orange. It certainly does not mean that any fresh scent is truly derived from a real orange.

In my soap store, I would have customers ask if all the products were natural, and I would say that the base was a natural vegetable oil base, and that some soap had only essential oils and some had fragrance oils and some had both. At this point, I see that they really don't know what I am talking about, their eyes have glazed over. I often wonder why they ask when they wouldn't know a lie if they heard one.

My sister and I went in to the Body Shop once, and my sister asked the clerk if all the products were natural, and she said 'yes'. My honesty is worth more than that.

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