Rose Hip and Rosa Mosqueta oils.

Rose hips are the seeds left after the rose petals fall off. You have probably heard of rose hip tea, recommended because it is so rich in Vitamin C. The oil from rose hips, often called Rosa Mosqueta, is very nutritious and consists of 80 percent essential fatty acids. It was a mainstay of the Incas, for example, for its nutritional qualities.

Rose Hip oil is also renowned for its benefits for the skin. In fact, it has multiple benefits. It is particularly famous for any scars, including acne scars. I learned about Rose Hip Oil when I started making soap and face creams, and I knew the first time I used it that it was a keeper.

Here are some of the healing aspects rose hip oil is reputed for:

* Scars, including acne scars and old scars
* Dry eczema
* Skin burns, including sunburn
* Re-hydrates dry skin
* Repairing damaged skin cells of all sorts
* Reducing wrinkles
* Benefit for dry, mature, aging skin

There are some pure moisturizing creams on the market that use Rose Hip among other oils, and I used it in my face cream. But having ran out of my face cream and still needing a moisturizer, I puts drops of Rose Hip oil on a damp face cloth and spread it evenly on my face and neck. This oil worked so well that I still have not make any 'proper' face cream, but I have added numerous other specialty oils like seabuckthorn, and essential oils like patchouli and rose.

There are many natural options out there, give the Rose Hip Oil a chance.

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