Natural with chemical scents?

Now, this is just what I'm talking about.  They will lie straight to your face. 

Sweet, light, and warm -

Move over Warm Vanilla, this scent is far richer and finer. Notes of rich dark brown sugar, light drizzled honey, and nutty oats.

This soothing bar of soap is packed with good stuff: saponified vegetable oils, lathery and antioxidant rich hemp seed oil, organic honey to retain the skins natural moisture; brown sugar to create a creamy lather and act as a natural colorant, and ground oatmeal to gently exfoliate while soothing the skin. Tested and true, this bar is a family favorite because of it's light scent and soothing qualities.

No additives, no detergents, no micas, pigments or dyes, no sulfates, parabens, or preservatives!

The soaps you will receive may not look exactly like the ones pictured, they all have their own unique goodness! They each are approximately 4 ounces of lathery goodness!

O Bella only carries natural, handcrafted goods. They are renewable, sustainable or organic when possible.

Due to the handmade nature of soaps, please place soap in a dry area between uses to allow soap to dry. If left in a wet shower or soap dish, soap will become sticky. This will give you a longer lasting bar of soap.

coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, organic honey, oatmeal, brown sugar, fragrance oil, water, sodium hydroxide.

Did you catch the last sentence with the materials list, it has A FRAGRANCE OIL!!  A fragrance oil is not natural.  It is a chemical.  I first looked at this because it said natural yet was a Brown Sugar and Honey Oatmeal bar.  Yes, there is brown sugar and honey, but I assure you that those small amounts would be unable to leave a scent.  So they added a chemical and said it was natural.

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