My special Redneck soap made with beer

I make a mans soap, called Redneck.  Could have called it Cowboy or similar, but Redneck gets a lot more attention.  This special soap actually contains beer, and there are a few considerations when making soap with beer. 

Firstly, you absolutely must let the beer go flat.  Open it up a couple days ahead of time.  Once I just opened the tab top a little, but even after two days, the lye started to volcano the beer/water solution.  So last time, I opened the beer can and poured the beer into a bowl, and left it for three days, and this worked with no problem.   Some beer soaps contain only beer as their water portion, but I thought that would bring the price up to high, so I simply replace a portion of the water with beer.

When to add beer to the soap varies as well.  In the past, I would have the beer in with the water, then add the lye.  But after the lye/water started foaming, and I decided to rethink this, and decided to add the beer to the oils just after I add the lye/water to the oils.  This has been the best solution in trying to avoid the possibility of having your lye/beer/water solution volcano out of your container. 

Then make your soap like any other soap.  After the soap base starts to do its tracing, just add your fragrances like usual.  In this particular Redneck bar, I add Sandalwood, with a little of Ginger and Lime.  This gives an earthy yet fresh scent to a bar that is meant for a man. 

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  1. Way cool! I have got to try this. I have used beer in my hair for conditioner, hadn't thought about soap. Ohh I bet it smells so good.