The smells of nature.

I work with essential oils and fragrance oils. Essential oils being the true and natural plant based scents, and fragrance oils being the chemical factory based scents.

When I am at events selling soap, I often get people tell me that they can't tolerate scents. I tell them that half of my soaps have no chemical scents whatsoever, and I then tell them that the green soap signs are the 100% natural soaps (purple signs have fragrance oils). They again will repeat that they avoid scents, and I say that the essential oil scents are no different than smelling a lavender bush, or peeling an orange right under their nose, or having peppermint leaf tea. But they don't want to hear it, their eyes will glaze over not knowing what I am talking about, not aware that some scents are created with food products that they eat everyday.

But I do understand the reaction to scents. I work with scents, yet I'll be beside someone with perfume on and I'm sure I can feel the lining of my nose start to erode. There is such a difference between perfumes and some fragrance oils, even though perfume are created from fragrance oils. I have gotten fragrance samples from suppliers that gave me an instant headache.

I have a small bottle of rose essential oil, and even diluted to a 15% strength, it still smells nice and strong and makes for the most perfect natural perfume ever.


  1. if you work with perfumes and fragrances and natural oils for a period of time you start to recognise them and the differences between very easy. that's true:)

  2. I agree as well. You can then start to distinguish between them very well. Ever been to a flea market or craft display and can right away tell if something is authentic or not?