Working and not soaping.

Sometimes when you are working full time, it is difficult to find the time to make those big batches of soap. But I do have a website and I have been writing articles for that. It is, and I just love to write about soap stuff. Today I worked on the links page, to add the links of some great companies that believe in being as natural as possible.

One of the requests that I got for a link today was from a company that sold 100% Organic soap. Great! I think, until I looked at their site. First thing I notice is that they have dozens of soaps with Fragrance Oils! Fragrance Oils are not natural! There is no Banana Cream Pie essential oil! There is no Strawberry Sundae essential oil! I couldn't even find the ingredient list for their base, which I hoped was organic, but at this point, I doubted it.

I equate the all natural or all organic to this; although the amount of fake toxic fragrance may be 2 - 4 percent of the recipe, if you needed to know if something was peanut free, you can't be having people tell you that it is peanut free because they don't think 2 - 4 percent is big enough to mention.

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