Soap is getting competitive!

When I first started making soap and attending events, I would be the only soapmaker there.  I have since stopped going to these events since selling the store, but a friend who has started making and selling soap, has been finding some competition.  She has been refused at two events because they already had their quota of soapmakers.  These are two events that I have attended in the past, with no competition. 

So I have been telling her to come up with some crazy marketing idea to promote her soap.  I recall a few years ago about a soapmaker that added caffeine to her soap, and this proved to give her tons of free advertising.  Although I would not have done this, as high doses of caffiene can be fatal and you would have to be very careful when making it and washing the pots afterwards.  Besides that fact that you would not want any kids to use it either. 

Try to find something that is unique to your area.  Locals and tourists alike will want something that is special to the area.  If you live near the ocean, try ocean water or add seaweed (be careful testing and pick the seaweed yourself).  Perhaps using ocean sand for a scrubby bar.  Live near the mountains?  Tap into a glacier stream for your water. 

Think about anything that is unusual to your area or totally out there.  To throw some ideas out there, how about:  mineral or hot spring water, wild rose hips, using local wines or beer, clays, organic chocolate, rain water, detoxifying bentonite clay, vitamins, omega 3-6-9 oils, etc. 


  1. Just found your blog through Twitter! Nice's competitive out there, all right. Fortunately for me, 100% Natural is still something of a niche!

  2. I live in rural NC. So farming is the most important thing in our area. So hence, goatsmilk seems to be the catch here. Got to look around for more ideas. Thanks for the post.