Soap supplies and costs.

When I order in larger sizes, the cost of my soap goes down, sometimes dramatically. I had been using smaller sizes of lye or sodium hydroxide, and ordered in a 50lb bag last week. When I calculated the cost per ounce, I just saved 65%! On a large batch of 90 bars, I saved over $7.00! And when you add this savings to other bulk buying or comparison shopping, the total cost of the bar can seriously drop and that means more money that you get to keep.

At my store, we had 8 suppliers that we used on a consistent basis. For our three base oils, we had two suppliers, one restaurant supplier for the solid carrier oils and grocery store supplier for the enormous amounts of our main liquid carrier oil.

Shop around and compare prices and don't forget to add in any shipping costs. I also noticed a small increase in shipping costs since I last updated my cost lists.

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