Goat soap?

The above name for soap is a commonly mis-used term for Goats Milk Soap.  If you think about it, Goat Soap would described a soap made from the entire goat, which is so gross to even think about.   I suppose it could also be a type of soap meant for a goat, you know, like dog shampoo. 

Organic soap is another common term used to describe soap that may have some organic ingredients.  But if you aren't paying $10 a bar for it, chances are it is not entirely organic.  To get organic olive or hemp oil, and add organic coconut or palm oils, then add organic essential oils (not synthetic fragrance oils), then perhaps organic colorants.   And I don't know if you can even get organic lye.  The costs are going up and up.   If it says organic, don't believe it, even the supposed governmental agencies that regulate such claims don't analyze soap and bath products.

What about vegan or vegetarian soap?  The ingredients that one may add to soap to make it not vegetarian would be animal fats, and to make a vegan soap, there would be the additional not added milk or beeswax components.

On the home front, it was another day of soapmaking, creating 200 Chocolate Chai bars and 100 Sandalwood bars.   Tomorrow I am planning 100 Beer bars, 100 Strawberry-Patch bars, and 100 Lemon-Mint, which smells alot better than it sounds. 

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