making soap

Hi! I'm Courtney Findlay and I am a professional soapmaker. And I guess I mean professional as I had a little soap making store in town, where we made all the soap on the premises, where people could smell what we were making that day.

Basically, it was a hobby, trying to make soap and avoid allergens, and it turned into one of the best things that happened. From the store, we created, wholesaled, retailed, and ecommerced some of the 145,000 bars of soap we made there. But we also made other bath products such as lotions, butters, mineral salt blends, therapeutic creams, sugar scrubs, essential oil blends, perfume oils, lip balm, and glycerin bars.

During the course of this store, we also held soap and lotion making classes, received numerous nominations from the Chamber of Commerce, were asked to speak at local functions, appeared in the local newspapers, and donated store space for local charities to help promote them.

We sold the store, but I still make soap, attend markets, teach classes, and write articles for numerous websites including and, great places for soap and health related information.

I love talking about soap and all things connected, such as natural cleaners, essential oils for medicinal purposes, and other natural alternatives. This doesn't mean that I stopped drinking those Iced Capps. The name of my new soap company is the indigo earth soap co., and our motto is 'real natural for real life', which is about getting green and natural in our real lives.

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