My soap classes

I teach soap making classes, as well as lotion and perfume oil making classes.  I teach these through the local recreation center.  These classes are fun to do, and the students always have good questions to ask.  I charge a modest $30 per student, and they get to leave with a container of approximately 4 bars worth of soap base that they have scented themselves.

Recently, one of my students is moving to a beautiful little island on the coast and is going to start making soap herself, and selling it through her new bed and breakfast, as well as local events.  This student has already ventured and started making liquid soaps and created her own scent blends.

Another of my students, who took both the soap and lotion classes, has started making lotion for sale too.  We were together at one of the markets, me with my soap, and her with 100% natural lotions.  I even bought one of hers.  Even though I know how to make it, I had ran out and hadn't got around to it.

Making natural products yourself can be addictive.  Once you realize that you are able to make quality and all natural products, customized with the ingredients that you want, you can never go back.  Which is good, as having less chemicals in our lives, makes for a healthier environment.

Much luck to my students as they progress with their natural soaps and lotions.!!

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