Christmas, the biggest selling season!

Christmas is the best time of the year sell soap and make some decent money.  At my soap store, the months of November and December accounted for almost 30% of our annual sales.  Next were the summer months, and January being the worse.

One of the seasonal soaps we had was Christmas Spice, with orange, cinnamon and cloves.  We tinted it orange with a brown swirl, to represent the cinnamon and cloves.  If we didn't sell them all at Christmas, then we changed the label to Orange Spice, and that scent sold the rest of the year.

There was also a Candy Cane soap, which was peppermint scented, an all white bar with a red swirl.  If this bar didn't sell at Christmas, it ended up in the discount section.  (These are the bars above, I've edited out the company name as we sold this business a couple of years ago, and unfortunately, my scanner did not pick up the gold shimmer in the bar, but trust me, it was beautiful)

The best selling Christmas bar was a Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, a nice neutral scented bar good for men and woman.  This bar was white, with a tan swirl, and gold mica on its front.  It was definitely one of the prettiest bars around.  Make your bar as usual, we used fragrance oil for our scent, and when the bars were cut and cured and ready for labeling, we would dip the bar face into a plate of gold mica, carefully or you will have a mica cloud, gently rubbed the mica into the bar, brushing off any excess, then labeled.

We would take these 3 christmas bars, place them in a long flat cello bag so that all their labels and faces were showing, tied the top and sold as a package.  This was a big seller.

I am attending a christmas sale this weekend, and I think I am ready to go.  My signs and decor are all ready, and I am planning to sell out.  Don't be afraid to take your discount bars as well.  I took my last year, and these were the first to go.  So yes, people are christmas shopping, but if there is something they can get for themselves, or simply add soap to an existing gift, they will appreciate these bars. 

And a photo of one of the packages we had pre-made, these five bath salts came in a little wood crate, and looked so pretty, a mineral bath salt for every occasion!

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